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  • Is it normal for my embroidered garment to look distressed?
    Yes! The style for many, if not most, of our custom embroidered garments is slightly distressed and organic as these are hand-made, customized pieces.
  • How should I wash my embroidered clothing?
    To maintain vibrancy and stitch quality, we recommend you to turn the clothing item inside-out and wash your embroidered garment with a delicate detergent on the lowest heat setting. Air drying is the best, but you can also use a dryer machine- just make sure you use the lowest heat setting.
  • Can I pick a specific beaded bracelet?
    EC22 is constantly coming up with new and different designs. Our bracelets are considered one-of-one pieces that may or may not be replicated and restocked. We categorize our hand-made accessories by color, so when you order we hand pick the accessories according to the color of your choosing! It's a fun surprise from us to you :)
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